:::Artist Spotlight::: LIZ of EMA Photography

I started canoodling with indie hip-hop darlings over a year ago when my bestie Lady Kalae started blazin’ stages all around NYC. Any event we’d attend, whether it be Santogold @ Summerstage, Homeboy Sandman @ The Knitting Factory, or KalaeAllDay @ The Shrine, This super fab female photog was always on hand…I’m talking about none other then my dope darling LIZ of EMA Photography. She is always there to capture the awe inspiring performances of my indie darlings and so I salute her.

Here are some of the fabulous images Liz captured of some of my favorite people…

:::Marsha Ambros:::

:::Fresh Daily:::

:::Jenelle Monet:::

:::Homeboy Sandman:::


There’s alot more where these came from check out her blog for more info and her full bio. http://nobodybeatstheliz.wordpress.com/

Want LIZ everywhere you are? Her info is below:

Twitter: twitter.com/emaphotography

Myspace: myspace.com/emaphotography

Facebook: facebook.com/elizabeth.m.allen

If you would like to contact LIZ about covering/promoting your show/event or a photo shoot, please send an e-mail to ema.photography@yahoo.com.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for a beautiful post! I’m so flattered!

  2. […] the hell outta me by selecting me as today’s Dope Darling on her blog! Check out the piece here; I’m very impressed at how FayeCoco did her research and posted some awesome examples of my […]

  3. Keep doin whacha doin Hun! 😉

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