Eau Naturale:::Can you make the cut?

Throughout my adolescence, i’ve gone natural but it was always for the wrong  reason’s like TRYING to be a Sis-tah because I got backlash for getting a relaxer or reverting back to relaxer’s because I wanted to meet the standards of beauty upheld in the media.

It’s crazy because I too was stuck trying to “please everyone” else as Mr. Mc Daniel would put it, and ended up with bald spots and stress! So, at the end of the day, get your perm, if it makes you happy, and stay natural if it makes you happy. I mean aren’t we all in the pursuit of happiness anyway?

I’ve always longed for healthy, mangable hair, because sometimes I want Braids, curls, and other times I want it straight. I thought that I could only obtain it through gettin relaxer’s. However my hair texture is thin and the harsh chemicals in relaxer’s didnt work for me. So, I ended up with dead curls, wide spaces corned-rows, and a brittle mess,  Smh.

After my balding episode, I shaved my head and started allowing my hair to grow out. As I got to a half-inch I applied a texturizer for some sassy curls and a little color for some swagg.  When I hit three inches I started getting my corned-rows accompanied by a Custom wig from “Empress of Hair” to protect my hair from harsh winter weather and to keep my head from freezing! I wash, rebraid, and treat my hair every two weeks, and am really started to see results. I CANNOT wait til’ it heats up outside and I can wear my hair in my funky braids, curls, and fresh blowouts! Sooo Hyped, Sooo Dope!

For those of you ladies who have thought about going natural here’s a little inspiration…Her name is BelleMuse and she’s been featured on bglhonline.com, I was also in awe at herFotki album BelleMuse where you see her hair transition over 3 years. it’s nuthing short of Amazing!


3 Responses

  1. luv’d, Loved, Luvd this entry. I went on the blog and learned. Had me thinking. Again, Every black female can relate to this one. Very truthful, i enjoyed it very much. More entries like these please (not saying your others were not splendid). lol

  2. lmao, naw I know what you mean, the other ones are kool-aid but this is 100% juice, lol lol

  3. Okay I loved this post. Thank you for posting bellmuse link. her hair is beautiful! i love both her natural texture and tex-laxer texture.

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