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TooFly is a notable graffiti artist who was inspired by graffiti she saw as a young girl, traveling to school each day. TooFly came to be a pioneer of the 90’s graffiti movement, using her style of blending calligraphy with illustration, to set herself apart from her male counterparts. With hard work and dedication TooFly became more than a graffiti artist, she created a brand that has grown into a world wide empire. She has ventures with RayBan, KidRobot Fatcaps, Dunny, Motug Qee, Good Wood, as well as a TooFly Clothing and Accessories line. TooFly learned how to capitalize off of her art. Which inspires me because I too want become a woman in commerce. Many graffiti artists especially females, never get a chance to take their art to the masses, and for that TooFly is a certified Dope Darling .

Another Venture that is dear to TooFly’s heart is Younity Arts which is a female art collective which was founded by TooFly and noted artist Alice Mizrachi. In an effort to inspire new generations of female graffiti artist’s these two woman created a safe haven where dope females can showcase their “Stlylez, Ideaz, and Skillz.” Check out for more info on TooFly and Younity.

Here are some TooFly Products which can be purchased on

14 Carot Gold TooFly Hoops

Natural TooFly Tee

TooFly Edition RayBans

TooFly Dunny


2 Responses

  1. I am such a fan of Maria “TooFly” Castillo (how dare i put her gov’t out there like that). lol. I remember this one painting she did that was being sold in this female sneaker spot called Laces in Soho. I really wanted to get it for my birthday but i never got to get it. i went back for it and it was gone :-(. Never saw it again.

  2. Maybe she can do one for you, she wants to meet up with me one day, she loved the post!

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